SunEden Party Dates

                        Party Themes 2017

9 June Bingo/Braai Event

SunEden will supply braai fires in the Boma as well as “pap and sauce” and Bert will be entertaining us with Bingo! You need to bring your own meat and there will be a cash pub as usual.

16 - 19 June Textile Weekend – Textile Party

The Textile Weekend is the perfect opportunity to introduce your family, friends and co-workers to SunEden.

On Friday, 16th June, there will be a Karaoki in the Pub starting at 19h30 and the DJ will be Elvis (Nico).

On Saturday, 17th June, there will be a Fun Walk starting at 10h00 at the Swimming Pool. We will start with coffee (some might like coffee with a “Whah”) and then we will go from house to house where some shareholders will supply “refreshments” and apart from seeing how beautiful the resort is, guests will meet some of our shareholders on the way.

On that Saturday night, starting at 19h30, there will be a party in the Boma – no theme – just a textile party. The DJ will be Pieter.

30 June - 2 July SE Party Weekend – Alice in Wonderland

28 - 30 July SE Party Weekend – Pyjama Party

25 - 27 Aug SE Party Weekend – Dress as Your Favourite Country Party

3 Sep Skinny Dip Record Attempt

22 - 25 Sept GNA Long Weekend – Woodstock/Hippy/Flower Power Party

27 - 29 Oct SE Fun Day and Party Weekend – 50 Years Back Party

24 - 26 Nov SE Party Weekend – Zodiac/Star Signs Party

29 Dec - 1 Jan SE Party Weekend – Beach Party