Resort Rules

The rules are not much different from those of any other resort but some reflect the uniqueness of our lifestyle.

In summary we can say that all our rules are in accordance with our credo of respect for self, for others and for the environment and practised in communal nudity.

Our rules are there to protect shareholders, members and guests.

We are a family orientated resort where families, couples and children are welcome.

Overt sexual activity goes against naturist principles and is not permitted.

At SunEden clothes are not optional, we are clothes free.

Towels are standard equipment, carry a towel and use it to sit on as a courtesy to others.

Cameras and cell phones with photo capabilities are prohibited.

A full set of rules is available below and at reception where it will be given to all first-time visitors or can be downloaded here.






Shareholders, club members, site tenants, day visitors guests and any other persons who use the grounds of SunEden Shareblock (Pty) Ltd and the facilities of SunEden Naturist Resort, such persons hereafter referred to as “visitors”, undertake to at all times comply with the rules of the Board of Directors of SunEden Shareblock (Pty) Ltd as set out below. Furthermore, visitors acknowledge that the Directors of SunEden are empowered to from time to time amend the rules of SunEden in its own absolute discretion, and to enforce the rules by summarily evicting visitors who do not comply with the rules, from SunEden’s premises.


2        LIFE STYLE

2.1  Visitors accept that SunEden is a naturist/nudist resort and undertake that they, whilst present on SunEden’s premises, will take part in such life style. In this regard, the following applies:


·         Visitors of eighteen years and older may not go clothed whilst present at any of SunEden’s public areas, i.e. in and around the swimming pool, restaurant, bar/pub and Boma.

·         Exceptions to the above rule are:

-          The wearing of protective clothing against sunburn in the form of a T-shirt or similar garment

-          The wearing of a tracksuit or similar garment during cold or inclement weather.

·         The Directors will consider other concessions as regards rule 2.1 only on individual request.

2.2  New visitors, i.e. couples or families that are not familiar with the naturist/nudist life style, are, if necessary, granted a period of grace, the length of which is determined on an individual basis by the Management of SunEden, to become accustomed to such life style. Such period of grace is not granted to new, single visitors, irrespective of gender.

2.3  Rule 2.1 is equally applicable to guests, including family members, who visit shareholders or site tenants on SunEden’s premises. The whereabouts of such guests or family members who wish to remain clothed is restricted to the host’s place of residence/site, although they may appear once only and briefly, accompanied by their host(s), at SunEden’s public areas for purposes of introduction to other visitors.



3.1  All visitors, excepting shareholders and site tenants, must on arrival at SunEden, report at Reception and settle their visiting fees.

3.2  Visitors renting furnished accommodation are required to pay a key deposit on arrival, the amount of which is determined by the Management of SunEden. The deposit is fully refundable on departure, provided that the key of the accommodation in question is handed in at Reception and no damage has been caused to the accommodation.

3.3  The right of admission and residence of a shareholder or site tenant is restricted to him or herself, his or her partner, his or her parents and any of his or her children. The first visit of any other guests who use the shareholder’s or site tenant’s personal facilities, but also make use of the facilities of SunEden, is free of charge. On subsequent visits the latter must pay the normal day visiting fees as determined by the Board of Directors.



Visitors may not do anything, or neglect to do something that inconveniences or offends any other visitor, or which may cause inconvenience or offence, for example:


4.1  No radios, disc players, tape players, laptop computers, PC’s or similar appliances are permitted at SunEden’s public areas.

4.2  The volume of any music may not be set so loud that it causes a disturbance to any other person. Loud dance music is permitted only in the Boma during official party evenings arranged by Management.  

4.3  The taking of photographs, video recordings or any other or similar photographic recordings is strictly prohibited. No cameras, video cameras, cell phones or similar devices are permitted in any public area. Permission to make photographic recordings of any nature (with prior consent from all persons to be photographed, when applicable) must be obtained in advance and in writing from the Directors.

4.4  Litter, including cigarette butts, must be placed in containers provided for this purpose.

4.5  No offensive or foul language may be used on SunEden’s premises.

4.6  Ablution facilities must be left neat and clean after use.

4.7  Parents accept responsibility for the safety and acceptable behaviour of their minor children, or children entrusted to their care, especially in and around water areas.

4.8  No children under the age of eighteen years, including children accompanied by their parents, are allowed at the counter of the Bar.

4.9  No Quad bikes (four wheeler-bikes) are allowed on SunEden’s premises.


5        HYGIENE

Visitors shall at all times have a towel at hand which shall be used for sitting or lying on when using SunEden’s public facilities, i.e. at the swimming pool, restaurant, bar/pub and the Boma.



6.1  Visitors are requested to use water sparingly.

6.2  The watering of private gardens with borehole water is strictly prohibited. Alternative possibilities for using water for this purpose must be negotiated with the Directors.

6.3  The use of electric stoves, cookers, heaters, tumble driers, geysers, dishwashers or other water heating equipment, with the exception of electric kettles and washing machines, are strictly prohibited. Application in writing may be made to the Board of Directors for possible concession regarding Rule 6.3.


7        PETS

Visitors are strictly forbidden to bring along pets of any kind to SunEden. Application in writing may be made to the Board of Directors for possible concession regarding Rule 7.



8.1  No trees, shrubs, plants or part thereof may be removed without permission and supervision of the Management of SunEden Share Block (Pty) Ltd.  All trees, shrubs and plants must be protected at all times.

8.2  Fires may only be lit on places designated specifically for this purpose by the Management of SunEden. Fires must be properly extinguished prior to leaving the fireplace and precautions must be taken to prevent fires/veld fires.

8.3  No wild or tame animals or birds may be disturbed, frightened away, hurt, caught or killed. The presence of any kind of snake must be reported at Reception immediately.

8.4  No firearms, firecrackers or fire works of any nature may at any time be fired on SunEden’s premises. Any person violating this rule will be evicted from the premises of SunEden immediately.

8.5  Fire fighting equipment is stored at a prominent place next to the store room. All visitors present at SunEden during the occurrence of a fire/veld fire are requested to respond immediately to the sound of our emergency whistle, and to help with the extinguishing of fires, or with any other type of emergency situation that may occur.



9.1  Shareholders’ monthly levies and site tenants’ monthly rent must be paid on or before the first day of every month.

9.2  Shareholders are entitled to purchase and use a remote control for opening the gate. (Obtainable from Management)  Such remote control may not be lent, given or sold to non-shareholders.

9.3  Site tenants, who wish to use their designated site on SunEden as a permanent place of residence, must apply in writing to the Board of Directors for permission to do so.

9.4  The erection of any type of structure by site tenants is subject to prior, written permission by the Board of Directors. Applications for approval of intended structures must contain a full and detailed description of such intended structure and must be submitted to the Board of Directors. The Directors retain the right to notify a site tenant in writing at any time to remove any structure within a period of fourteen days, in default of which the Directors may remove the structure at the expense of the site tenant, and sell the structure at their own discretion. Notice is to be given to the shareholder or site tenant personally or by registered mail at his or her last known address. The proceeds of the sale is to be first applied in redemption of any outstanding debt payable by the site tenant, and any balance will be paid out to the shareholder or site tenant.

9.5  The following building rules are applicable to shareholders using their own builders / building contractors:

9.5.1        The original ID documents, along with one photocopy of each, of all workers contracted from outside the premises of SunEden, must be, at commencement of any type of building work, submitted to the Management of SunEden Share Block (Pty) Ltd.

9.5.2        The building contractor concerned must make provision for accommodation as well as ablution facilities to his/her workers, at his/her own cost.

9.5.3        The building contractor concerned must provide all required building tools and implements him/herself.

9.5.4        Workers may be present on the building site concerned from 7 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Thursdays, and from 7 am to 12 pm on Fridays. No workers are permitted on the premises of SunEden during weekends, public holidays or holiday periods declared by the Management of SunEden Share Block (Pty) Ltd.

9.5.5        Building materials that have been ordered may under no circumstances be delivered to the premises of SunEden during weekends, public holidays or holiday periods as described in Rule 9.4.4.

9.5.6        The building site concerned must be left clean and neat during weekends, public holidays and holiday periods as described in Rule 9.5.4.

9.5.7        Prior arrangements must be made with the Management of SunEden for a suitable place to off-load any type of building materials.

9.5.8        Depending on the water level of the dam, water required for building work can be obtained from the dam free of charge. Under drought conditions water from the drinking water reservoir may under no circumstances be utilized for building work.

9.5.9        All building materials and building rubble must, after completion of the building work, be removed from the premises of SunEden, unless alternative arrangements for such removal have been made with the Management of SunEden.


10.1    The renting of accommodation must be approved by SunEden Shareblock.

10.2    All visitors to rented accommodation must adhere to all the SunEden Naturist Resort rules.

10.3    Shareblock has the right to evict visitors not adhering to the SunEden Naturist Resort rules.

10.4    An additional Levy of R120.00 per month will be charged per Shareholder who wants to rent out accomodation.



11.1  The speed restriction on SunEden’s premises is twenty kilometers per hour.

11.2  Visitors’ vehicles may be parked in designated areas only.



Tents and caravans or similar facilities may be erected or parked only on sites designated by the Management of SunEden.




Visitors indemnify the Board of Directors of SunEden Share Block (Pty) Ltd and the Management of SunEden, as well as their officials and employees against all claims that may be made against the Directors or the Management as a consequence of negligent action on the side of the Directors or the Management, their employees or persons falling under their control. Furthermore, all persons make use of facilities at their own risk. The Directors and the Management does not accept any responsibility and liability for any injuries, losses and/or damage of any nature whatsoever.



The above rules are enforced by the Management of SunEden Share Block (Pty) Ltd and the Management of SunEden Naturist resort. Any visitor who violates these rules will be immediately summonsed to appear before the Board of Directors of SunEden Shareblock (Pty) Ltd.